Nitrogen dioxide levels fall around the Port of Felixstowe

Posted 11 May 2016

Good news from Environmental Protection Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils:

"We have recently produced a further air quality report which confirms that levels of nitrogen dioxide at locations around the Port of Felixstowe have fallen over the last 6 years, so much so that we are now looking to revoke the Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) declared in Ferry Lane, Felixstowe.

We would like to offer you the chance to view and comment on a new air quality report for the Felixstowe Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) which recommends that this AQMA should now be revoked.  A copy of the report is attached for your information.

For the last 6 years levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) measured at sites around the Port of Felixstowe have been falling, including those within the declared AQMA at the Dooley Inn, Ferry Lane which have been below the Air Quality Objective since 2012.  A Detailed Assessment has been undertaken which concludes that the annual mean Air Quality Objective for NO2 is now met within the Felixstowe AQMA, and that there are unlikely to be any exceedences in the future.  As a result, it is recommended that the Felixstowe AQMA should be revoked.

The findings of this assessment received approval from Defra earlier this year, and were taken to the Council’s Cabinet meeting on 5 April 2016 where they were also accepted. It is now the intention of the Council to revoke the Ferry Lane, Felixstowe AQMA.

We are now seeking, and would welcome, comments on the Detailed Assessment and the intention of the Council to revoke this AQMA.

You can email your views and comments to or you can send them to: Environmental Protection, Suffolk Coastal District Council, Melton Hill, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1AU.

We may not be able to reply directly to every consultation response, but be assured all comments received will be taken into account and published.  The final date for return of comments on the revocation is Thursday 30th June 2016.

Yours sincerely,

Denise Lavender (Mrs)

Environmental Protection Officer"

Do not reply to the FPUA but to the contact details given above.

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