Below are details of various meetings which enable the FPUA to liaise both with its members and also the various port related authorities on their behalf.


A meeting, known as an EGM, is held 3 times a year, which all members of the Association are welcome to attend.

Category Representatives report on issues etc which may affect the membership, and also give an update on meetings the FPUA has had with the various Port related authorities. In addition, members have the opportunity to raise matters of concern and discuss them in an open forum.

Minutes are published on the website in the members' area, so those unable to attend do not miss out.


The five Categories which make up the Association hold individual meetings when required, so that issues affecting them, unique to their section of the industry, can be discussed in detail.

Port Related Authorities

The Association has regular meetings with the Port of Felixstowe, HM Revenue and Customs and the Port Health Authority.

These meetings allow the FPUA to be kept fully advised of new regulations, changes in working practices, etc which affect the membership. They also enable the FPUA to put the point of view of the membership across to the Authorities, therefore helping all parts of the port industry work together for the common good.

Additionally, the individual Categories meet with the Port, to discuss issues relevant to their part of the port industry.


Members can find meeting dates by logging onto the Members area.